Aetas (C++)




Aetas is my first completely solo project ever. I built this game from scratch using a simple sprite drawing engine (DirectX 2D) combined with the box2D engine. It is a game that is based around the mechanics of the famous indie game Braid. I thought it would be a great challenge to implement a complex mechanic such as time rewind in a first C++ project. Every single action you see in this game was written by me. The art was done by Mathijs Demaeght.


Game download

RAR Download


Features of the game

  • * Character movement with physics. Keyboard and xBox controller (xInput implementation) possible.
  • * Maintainable and performant time rewind mechanic.
  • * Resource manager. A custom class I wrote that takes care of bitmaps and sounds. A resource will never be loaded twice


Trailer of the game

Aetas - A fan made attempt at Braid from Julian Declercq on Vimeo.