CHIP-8 Interpreter (C++)



A CHIP-8 Interpreter I wrote using OpenGL. Writing a Chip-8 interpreter has for a long time been the main assignment of the course Platform Development in the 3rd year of DAE major Game Development. Because I took my Erasmus during that specific semester I missed out on these lectures as I exchanged them with others in Sweden. I decided to make this project on my own. In graphics programming I had only ever used DirectX, so I figured it was a good idea to try an unfamiliar rendering framework (OpenGL in this case) for this project as there is not a lot of complicated rendering involved.


  • * Creating a small engine that uses OpenGL(GLFW & Glad) for rendering.
  • * Reading and loading of the ROMS.
  • * Handling the different opcodes (2 byte instructions that express the next action to do).
  • * Learning how to fiddle on bit level by using bitwise operators.


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