Flotsam (C# | Unity)





As a programmer at Pajama Llama I was responsible for implementing mechanics in Unity (C#) for the game Flotsam. More about the game itself can be read on the official site, forums, dev blog or on twitter.


During my internship here, I experienced working on an existing game/code base for the first time. Rather than designing the systems to implement myself, I was obliged to leave my comfort zone and was presented with already thought-out concepts that I had to implement instead.


Next to the immense coding experience I gained, I learned how to closely work together in a small coding team. I experienced firsthand that communication and planning speeds up development a lot, in contrast to my initial thoughts as a naïve student.


A nice extra to my internship was the free immersion into the Indie game scene. I had the privilege to showcase our game at EGX Rezzed and Gamescom for example. I met a lot of Belgian indie's and gained a lot of free contacts and knowledge.


Another noteworthy thing I have experienced during my time at Pajama Llama is the importance of Indie studios' interaction with their public through social media. It is more than just a one man job, it's a team effort. Whether interaction means me making a gif for the next screenshot saturday or writing a blog or forum (TIGSource) post, it is important to let your future audience know that you are pouring your full heart and soul into the project.


I even got my own avatar for sharing things online as a member of Pajama Llama!