Minecraft (C++)




A remake of the famous Minecraft by Markus Persson. It is an ambitious project I started building using a barebone DirectX 11 component-based engine from school. I expanded the engine myself with commonly used features in video games such as hardware and software skinning, sprite drawing for UI, animated shadow mapping, character physics, model shading with different texture maps, particle systems, ...

This project required a lot of specific features too. These features include: physX cloth (for the banners), block placing on a grid by building on the side of other blocks using the normals from a raycast, specific user interface programming such as the inventory and the building block selection bar, water behaviour with matching post-processing effects, world saving and loading, block physics and collisions, specific block shader so only one texture is required for all blocks, animated enemies and animals, ...


Game download

7ZIP Download


Gameplay video

Minecraft remake overview from Julian Declercq on Vimeo.


Building timelapse from Julian Declercq on Vimeo.