Destiny 2 Trials Lookup (AHK)



It's very common for people to look up their opponent's stats while loading into a Trials of Osiris match in Destiny 2. Apart from it being quite tedious work, some people's names simply don't show up and in that case you have to try searching a different opponent's name, which takes time you might not have while loading. This little tool does all of that for you, faster, better and easier! For all the curious people out there who like to see what kind of team their favourite streamer or youtuber is up against, this tool works on any stream or video you're watching too!
Press F10 to enable selecting and drag your mouse over the names you want look up and will automatically open. Next, press F11 to paste the first name, press it again to cycle through the list of names that were read. That's it!




Method 1: Download the .exe and run it.
Github link

Method 2: Download the .ahk file and compile it yourself using AutoHotkey. You can also change the keybinds yourself before you compile it in this case.
Github link