Mr. Steal Yo Wifi (C# | Unity)




I was a site organiser for the Global Game Jam for the jam site The Lab for both 2017 and 2018. While organising the 2017 jam, apart some small scripts to help out, I did not have a lot of time to participate. Seeing everyone jamming really made me itch to free up some time the upcoming year and participate! So for 2018 I decided to form my own little team with my friends from Pajama Llama Games, resulting in Mr. Steal Yo Wifi!
Mr. Steal Yo Wifi is a game where you sneak your way around the building to download pictures from your neighbour's wifi. You can hide from their sight behind curtains or inside showers or closets. You can whistle to distract your ever-vigilant people from next door or even try to dash past them if they have discovered you!
Even though the game is only one level and fairly simple, it has caught quite a lot of traction online and people seem to really like it! It has been watched over 2 million times in total on YouTube, getting most of the views from the two videos below.


The game is available as a free download on, here!